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Access Control

We always continue to introduce the best security systems in the market. The demand of our professional services has also increased in the past few years, due to which we have also added several upgrades. In addition to this, the increase in the need of the security systems, more and more companies have now decided to upgrade their systems.


Comprehensive security solution

For 20 years, ALH Security has made it a point to provide security and great service to homes and businesses throughout Orange County and surrounding areas. The security and protection of your home and business is something we do not take lightly. Our approach to providing a comprehensive security solution expands beyond security cameras, automation, and surveillance. While knowing exactly what happening and having control over your cameras is an integral part of the approach for many of our clients comes the need to not only have on eyes or your property but to restrict the access.

Variety of offerings

We have been providing homeowners and businesses of all sizes access control since our start. The need to restrict access and allow entry is an extremely important part of providing complete security. Our access control systems come in a variety of offerings, from front gate control and residential keypads to more advanced keycard and fingerprint scans for businesses and larger organizations. Controlling access to your home or business serves the same need across residential and business operations, to keep people out or allow them in, to ensure only authorized and appropriate people can access your business or specific levels of your business or building.

Call us

If you are considering the idea of adding access control to your business, we recommend that you give our security professionals a call to talk about your options and discuss your needs. Call us at


Commercial Access Control

  • Security Gate Access Systems

  • Employee Keycard Access

  • Security Level Access

  • Business Door, Room & Elevator Access Control

  • Storage Access Control Systems

  • RFID & Bio Metric Access Control

  • Access Control System Upgrades


Why choose us?

  • 20 Years of California CCTV

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Family Business

  • Professionally Trained Techs

  • High Quality Equipment

  • Security & Service Come 1st

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