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Home Automation Orange County

The good thing about CCTV is you don’t need to keep a constant watch on your employees, clientele, backdoors, and hidden entry or exit points –

If you are looking for excellent home & business automation services in Orange County, then there can be no better choice than ALH Security. We provide efficient services making applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) which is one of the greatest boosts to technology in the modern-day world. At our company, we have immensely talented employees who install home automation systems with a lot of care and effort. As research says, in the upcoming years the number of people who would be switching to using smart home automation equipment would be increased manifold.

Home automation in Orange County mainly involves bestowing the residence with a system which makes it possible to control several features or electronic devices from smartphones, tablets, control pad or a remote. The main areas of home automation involve-

  1. The ability to have control over the home-based devices either manually on-demand or when set according to schedule.

  2. The ability to control the devices even if the user is not physically present at home or within the premises by allowing access to various features.

Maximize Protection

Many CCTVs are integrated with intrusion or fire alarm systems to assist in evaluating, recording, and investigating intrusions or safety concerns.


All of the technicians at ALH Locksmith have been thoroughly trained to install and pair your surveillance system to work in tandem with your security systems to maximize protection.

Access Control 

We always continue to introduce the best security systems in the market. The demand of our professional services has also increased in the past few years, due to which we have also added a number of upgrades. In addition to this, the increase in the need of the security systems, more and more companies have now decided to upgrade their systems.
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